Learn the Foundations of Plein-Aire Painting
with me at the South Shore Art Center

Finally, we're over it, we are back to our normal Covid-Less class procedures.   Our instruction is no longer under the hindrance of distancing and masks. Although if you are unvaccinated, we do wish that you do wear a mask.

And now with spring and summer approaching, We will explore and work on value studies, composition and format, and various forms of perspective right from nature, in anoutdoor environment!. We will explore the progress to color and the effects of perspective on the expression of spatial dynamics. Instruction will include demonstrations, constructive commentary and critique, and individual support as students explore the painting process. Numerous locations within the Cohasset, Scituate area will be utilized.

This course is an ideal start up (or refresher) that will effectively express various visual motifs “in the field “ during the warmer months of spring and summer. Our Spring clsss hasa already begun, but ear mark your calendar for the summer session starting approx the endof June.

For More information and registration, please link onto: www.ssac.org

Portrait Figure Workshop

I also host every second wednesday evening of the month a workshop at the Ellis House with the Scituate Arts Associciation, a clothed portrait figure workshop. With no instruction, this is a great opportunity to just come paint and draw a from a model.. Most sessions are one pose, for three hours. But within that same time period we have held three-one hour sessions as well. During the summer months, I try to hold this event every Wednesday afternoon, this is still just on the agenda, so first, check with me on my e mail, or call me to ensure when the next event is held. The ellis house is at 709 Country Way, Scituate MA. Costs are $10 scituate Members, $15 non-members.

Come Paint With Me

The first was instruction and explanation of the Second Wednesday Portrait Workshop that I host. An interesting view, not only was my work recorded, but Vcevy Stakovlovsky and Scott Ketchum were also featured. It makes for an interesting watch to see how three artist approach their work and create their own separate interpretation working form the same source, the model. You can view it at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mWVlpFunfHk

The second video I am producing a still life form the Ellis studio location. I instruct on a step by step procedure to arrive at my concluded piece. to include a mistake and cover up about half way through. the composition had a flaw in it, and the video shows how I easily corrected it! this can be viewed at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mWVlpFunfHk v=a9u3VL3Ddz.

Further taping will include additional plein aire instruction with Robert, as well as water color instruction with Mary Beth LoPiccolo. Numerous one off events sponsored by the Scituate Arts Association will also be recorded.

Explore new works of art on the following pages

This past winter, as mild as it was, even with the pandemic, allowed the opportunity to capture many local scenes areound the South Shore. From new portrait studies, studio work, to new on location Paintings. Please click on the above links to see many of my new paintings.

Check out my latest Blog at www.beaulieudesign.blogspot.com


Robert G. Beaulieu, a Scituate MA resident, graduated from the Paier School of Art in Hamden, CT and continued his education at the Museum School of Fine arts in Boston.

Majoring in illustration, he turned his career toward design and advertising and was president/owner of his own agency in Boston for a number of years until “semi-retiring” to devote more time do his painting. Primarily a Plein Aire painting, Robert has combined his ability to capture detail, atmosphere and light with the disciplines he learned through his foundation of academic work as well as, what he calls ”Practice. Practice practice.”

He has participated in a number of shows throughout New England, and locally with the Scituate Art Association, North River Arts, Duxbury Arts Festival, Quincy Arts Festival, North River Arts and the South Shore Art Center. Numerous award winning ribbons adorn his studio, as well winning best oil in show at the prestigious Cohasset festival on the green show, two years in a row.

Enjoying meeting other artist, and those interested, Robert does a number of demos a year as well as teach a course in Plein Aire with the South Shore Art Center (Cohasset) and well as Scituate Arts Association where he hosts a monthly portrait workshop. Robert has also appeared on Scituate public Television giving demos as well as courses in painting. You can view one of his demos at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mWVlpFunfHk He is President emeritus of the Scituate arts association where he created many artistic endeavors on the South Shore for the public, as well the purchase of the Front Street Art Gallery.

Many times you can find Robert driving to painting locations in his classic MG, with his french easel bungeed on the back of the vehicles’ luggage rack. When not immersed in his painting, Roberts other interests include Bicycling, Scuba Diving and he has held a National Competition license with the Sports Car Club of America (scca) for over forty years, and still races today.

You can receive his periodic announcements and newsletter, drop him your address on his e mail. bob@beaulieudesign.com